I shall use some tactical patches for the project « Gorgone Race & Odyssey ». Patches are inspired by the military environment, recognized for the field experience.

It is of small embroidered surfaces that allow to identify us and we fix « by scratch » to caps, jackets and backpacks. They can represent a unity, a group, either a currency, or a symbol referring to the values military as the honor and the bravery, or to the military history and the antique warriors.

The references to the Antiquity return often fashionably when a society feels unbalanced or confused further to tragic events. To try to answer these events and to find a stability, the society needs to find its roots, then takes naturally references in the History, in things carried out by the illustrious men of the past.
It can be resumed by the industrial cinema to affect a wide public as for example movies Gladiator, Troy, and 300.

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