Today, I received the tactical patches produced by Tactical Patriot, an USA micro-entreprise, registered at Etsy. There is a wide choice and they are good quality. I shall use them for the expeditions « Gorgone Race ». Patches are inspired by the military environment, recognized for the field experience. It is of small embroidered surfaces that allow to identify us and we fix « by scratch » to caps, jackets and backpacks. They can represent a unity, a group, either a currency, or a symbol referring to the values military as the honor and the bravery, or to the military history and the antique warriors.

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Always we run. We run after time, we run after a class, a medal or a trophy. But why ? Why do we want to run and to win ? What is this strange strength which attracts us to the ways of the conquest ? The project « Gorgone Race » could bring answers to these questions.

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